The Short Story.

In the business, they call me Nencio. Building brand and personal stories and making them heard is what I do for a living nowadays. My creative process starts with listening and understanding who you are and what you’re willing to tell before I translate it into an effective message that will capture the audience whose attention you’re willing to grab. My own story began with photographing the world and the people around me and evolved into location scouting and coordinating production crews before I became an Advertising Film Director myself and experienced the opportunity to shoot award-winning commercial work in challenging agency and client environments. With the growing demand of media contents for different platforms, I then founded 56 FACTORY, a production hub based on smart working habits that exploits the different origins of many different professional figures. By using this facility at my disposal I can react quickly and deliver the right content from a creative idea to its execution within the available budget of my new task. Curiosity and the will to follow the winds of change are part of my DNA. While a positive attitude always helped me in building and coordinating teams that perform well. What’s next ?

The Long Cut.

I first looked at the world from the hills of Florence, where I was born. That’s how I discovered the beauty of a landscape when the sun pops in from the right angles and understood the meaning of balance and ease in pictures.

I then moved to Venice and learned its theater of manners while listening to dialogues along the walls of its alleys where everything is mirrored, and amplified, by water.

When I landed in New York City in the 1970s, everything seemed suddenly bigger and stronger and filled my personality with a broader approach. A bunch of Photographers used to hang out at home with my father, a journalist for the italian edition of Life Magazine and I believe that was the time when I started dreaming of telling stories through still and moving images.

In the 80s I attended a Photojournalism Course held by Leonard Freed from Magnum Photos and graduated from the Filmmaking Program at New York University. When I headed back to Milan, where I now live, I started working as a Location Scout at Politecne Cinematografica where I met Director Massimo Magrì and became his Assistant for the following decade. My other experiences as a 1st A.D. include surviving Tony Kaye and a number of international directors who were hired to shoot TV commercials in Italy at the time.

After attending Judith Weston’s Class on “Directing Actors” at the Binger Film Institute in Amsterdam, I started my own career as a Commercial Film Director in 1996. Three years later I was awarded a Bronze Lion at Cannes Advertising Film Festival for a Swatch commercial. And became the proud President of AIR3 Associazione Italiana Registi, the Italian Directors’ Guild, from 2015 to 2018.

“I Non Luoghi”, my black and white book on NonPlaces, was awarded the First Absolute Prize at Orvieto Foto Festival in 2005 and started my parallel career as a Photographer leading me to a number of publications and exhibitions around Europe from then on.